What is a modular kitchen?

The concept of modular kitchen is simply a conversion of traditional methods into modern ones. A modular set up will consist of pre-fabricated modules that will aid home owners in setting up the kitchen in the most convenient manner. A modular kitchen will comprise of appliances, and accessories like drawers, tall units, cabinets, hob, chimneys etc. that will not only manage storage but make everyday kitchen tasks user orientated with its functionality and utility.

Why should I opt for a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen will give a fresh and perfect look as it is built by optimizing the area and is developed with contemporary finishes. Installation and repairs can be easily carried out as each part of the kitchen module is separate. Modular kitchen will give the advantage of creating extra space according to your need even if there is a scarcity of space.

Do you design a kitchen or bedroom interiors?

Yes, we have a team working with us, who will design and develop your layout and provide you with 3D drawings for your kitchen or bedroom interiors.

What are the processes involved in setting up a modular kitchen?

We will first visit the site to take the required measurements. This is followed by preparation of the draft designs based on your initial briefing. Once the design and costing is approved, we will visit the site again to take the final measurements. Subsequently, we freeze the drawings and send them to our in-house factory. Our well trained staff will execute the plan under thorough supervision. Simultaneously, the facade will be installed at the site. Upon works being completed, the carcass will be assembled at the factory and installed at the site. This will end the process of setting up a modular kitchen.

What are the options available for a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are available in a range of colours, designs, textures, material and concepts. These specifications keep changing with time and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. You also have a variety of options while choosing the hardware e.g. handle­-less doors, soft closing drawers and cabinets etc.

Why do I need a Chimney?

Normally we install an exhaust fan to purify the air in the kitchen. By doing this the oil vapour, dust particles and carbon travel from cooking area to the exhaust fan and settle down on the surface of kitchen wall, top cabinets and damage the look and surface. At the same time it’s also harmful for the health of the person cooking. Therefore, chimneys are located just above the cooking hob and hence all smoke, oil vapour, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it directly and is then pulled out of the kitchen with the help of powerful suction blowers and fans. To mention a few features, some chimneys are designed with built-in lights and a timer and some are designed with the glass or steel finish, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the modular kitchen.

What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are relatively simple to maintain. Based on the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a few common practices will ensure the long life of your kitchen.

What is the key difference between modular kitchen and simple wood kitchen?

A modular kitchen offers great durability, is spacious in terms of storage and is easier to carry out repairs when required. As the name suggests, in a modular kitchen all the modules of the kitchen are put together and with equal ease can be dis­assembled. The cabinets of a modular kitchen are designed according to the size of the kitchen. The assembly and installation of the kitchen is convenient with minimal wastage. All spaces are thus optimized. Some of our materials are fire and water proof thus making it a win-win solution for the client opting for a modular kitchen.

What is the difference between your modular kitchen and a carpenter made kitchen?


  • We are well-equipped with German and Italian cutting-edge technology machines like CNC Machine, Multi-boring Machine, Edge Banding, Power Press, Membrane Press, etc., to meet the highest standard in quality, functionality and design.
  • Carpenter made kitchens are completely handmade, therefore the finishing and quality will not meet the desired mark.

Ergonomics and Creativity:

  • We don’t just provide you the designs, but also give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your kitchen space to provide comfort, safety and functionality. We also provide you with various ranges of color, material, hardware, accessories, design & shapes.
  • Carpenters have limited options depending on his resources.

Excellent Finish

  • Our state of the art machinery ensures of no open edges, perfectly pressed laminates and a seamless finish.
  • Carpenter made kitchens cannot adhere to these standards.

Organized Management:

  • We have a specialized team for complete control of the product design and production process.
  • Carpenters lack skilled staff and team management.

In-House Factory:

  • All production works are executed in our in-house factory barring installation works which will be done on site. Hence there is no pollution, inconvenience and disturbances caused to client.
  • The carpenter assembles the entire kitchen on site itself. This includes fabrication and woodwork, therefore resulting in a lot of clutter and inconvenience to the client.

Time- bound:

  • Every project is delivered on time.
  • No such commitment shown by the carpenters.



Do your products come with a guarantee?

Yes. Our manufactured products come with a 5 year guarantee.**

*Conditions Apply

**We cannot guarantee our products against unforeseen events or external mishaps.

Do you provide after sales services?

Yes. We provide after sales service, free of charge for the first year. Additional visits during the subsequent years will be charged accordingly.