Wardrobe Sliding Doors in Mangalore

Aristo is Russia’s leading manufacturer of aluminium profiles, fittings, accessories and hardware, for high-quality sliding door systems, shelf systems, wardrobe systems and similar products. Aristo products are available in a wide range of designs and colours. They are easy to install, maintenance-free and can even be fixed on false ceilings. These durable and long-lasting products are resistant to scratches, corrosion and temperature or climate changes.

Aristo products offer you a unique, wide range of finishes including veneer, fabric, laminates, mirrors and glass in a variety of shades. These products come equipped with integrated locking systems and advanced soft closing mechanism. With a variety of attractive options available, there is an Aristo product for every home.

Aristo-India uses the European approach in all its operations, which is known for its efficient logistics, modern equipment and latest technologies. With over 15,000 installations in India and many more worldwide, Aristo is emerging as a leader in the domestic furniture market scenario.

sliding wardrobe doors

Our Aristo Products Include

sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding Systems

You can maximize the space in your rooms & create more storage space with sliding wardrobes shutters. You won't lose any space to swinging doors and there is no unusable space inside the wardrobes either. The look is sleek and the storage area is impressive.
sliding wardrobe doors

Swing System

This is used in the design of wardrobes with a narrow door aperture, where the use of a sliding system is impractical. This system is designed for installation in a freestanding wardrobe. An obligatory condition when installing the swing system is that there is free space for opening doors.
sliding wardrobe doors

Folding System

This is used in the design of wardrobes where the door aperture is too narrow to allow practical use for a sliding door, but the area around the wardrobe is not adequate to allow for a full-fledged swing system. The folding system is therefore also called the 'swing-n-slide'.
sliding wardrobe doors

Synchro Slide

This system allows the opening of both doors by pulling on just one door. Being a top-hanging system, it leaves the floor track free, making this a perfect solution for walk-in wardrobes, conference rooms, etc.
sliding wardrobe doors

Fixed Wall Partitions

The system is applicable for space separation and zoning. The fixed wall partitions can be integrated into the design and firmly; but not permanently, fixed to the floor and ceiling.
sliding wardrobe doors

Suspension / Moving Wall Partitions

This top-mounted system can be fastened where the ceiling support is strong. This system is installed without a bottom rail, thereby maintaining the aesthetics of a room. They offer an opportunity to divide a room and create distinct zones.
sliding wardrobe doors

Wardrobe System

Aristo wardrobe system is a comfortable, functional and a mobile solution for storing things. It is reliable and is designed to add to the aesthetics of a room. It is ideal for all kinds of rooms and helps maximize the use of space as per your needs.
sliding wardrobe doors

Shelf system

Aristo shelf system is ideal for residential installation, as well as for offices, warehouses or showrooms. The construction is durable, sustains high load and has a sleek and elegant look. It is ideal for walk-in wardrobes, open storage of goods, bathrooms, hallways etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Aristo Wardrobe Sliding Doors?

  • Aristo manufactures wardrobe doors as tall as 9 feet. 
  • There is a wide range of design options to choose from. 
  • Aristo’s Global presence ensures that you get the best quality of products. 
  • Our bottom-mounted doors allow installation on false ceilings.

What is the warranty on Aristo products?

Aristo products come with 3 years of warranty and an assurance of high quality.

Do Aristo doors come with their own locks?

Yes, Aristo manufactures its own locks for most products. A large number of locks are in development to meet the needs of the Indian audience.

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