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We at Novus, guide you in designing your perfect space, be it modular kitchens, bedrooms, living room interiors and much more. All our products are processed in-house, to aesthetically complement your space along with meeting your needs and budget. Our commitment to personalization, such as using customized hardware, materials and finishing touches as per your desire, sets us apart as one of the leading interior decorators in Mangalore. We choose the right materials, texture and styles, ensuring that we provide you with a timely delivery along with guaranteed long-lasting values.

Modular Kitchen Design

A modern-day kitchen designed to fit all your needs with drawers, cabinets, and shelves, in a compact, efficient and aesthetic manner. We create gorgeously optimized kitchen spaces with a pullout ladder system, corner storage system, under the sink system and waste disposal system. These kitchens are ideal for limited spaces and apartment settings.

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Customized Interior Solution

Home-decor that best reflects your personality and feels truly like home. We provide fully customised interior solutions to help you design a home that defines you and your lifestyle. Filled with comfort, beauty, and luxury, create a home that adds value to your life and sets you a class apart from the rest.

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Commercial / Corporate Interiors

Office designs play a huge role in the company’s efficiency and productivity. The design of your office says a lot about your company. Employees who spend most of their day in the office can be highly benefited from a comfortable and pleasant looking workspace. We help you design an ideal workspace that is aesthetic, comfortable and inviting.

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Russia’s leading manufacturer of aluminium profiles and accessories, Aristo is an excellent choice for sliding door system, wardrobe system and similar items. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, there is an Aristo product for every taste and every application. They are easy to install, maintenance-free, durable, reliable and long-lasting.

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Business Solutions

Equipped with the latest cutting edge technology machines imported from Italy and Germany, we make sure to maintain high standards in production. Be in the choice of hardware or in assembling the structural modular units, quality assurance is an essential part of our operations. We believe in providing our customers with high standards of production as well as timely installations.

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